The God of Again…

If God did it before, he will do it again. I don’t know about you but recently I’ve been going through alot emotionally. This is how I know that a Great Deliverance is upon me and also for you!
When the fire is heating up 7 times hotter than it was before, just know that God is letting you get thrown in! But let me encourage you that those who are not anointed, those who are holding your arms, those who are whispering in your ear; if they are not entering into your death to this season and resurrection in the next, just like Nebuchadnezzar’s boys THEY WILL DIE BEFORE THEY EVEN HIT THE DOOR OF YOUR NEXT SEASON!

As I read and pondered on how is it that the fire killed them if they were only supposed to just throw the 3 young men into the fire? He gave me a vision and showed me that he was in the fire itself and supernaturally the fire leaped on their bodies as they were throwing the 3 men into the furnace, it was a judgement of God on them for doing their wickedness against the men of God!

I wanna let you know that the same thing is getting ready to happen for you, so stop crying about longtime friends falling away, stop moaning about people not answering their phones because they are being scorched by the fires! They are not made for the fire of the next season! Let them go! Let the relationship die! God has been telling you about it anyways!

Take this time to remember; the times you thought God wasn’t coming through for you! But he still came, didn’t he? He’s a God of Again! Keep on praying, he’s coming to rescue you! He hears your cry! He’s coming to bring you out! Your about to receive a letter! You’re about to get a special phonecall! God is getting ready to show up at your door posts with his blessings for you! You’ve been dying to self and now he is coming to resurrect you! Can I get an amen?!

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Obedience is better than sacrifice…

There are some things that I have been disobedient in doing… 

For the sake of my spiritual safety I won’t even mention them openly. But as a deeply spiritual person, I have had unnecessary attacks because I’ve refused to remove myself from the eyes and ears of the masses of people, I had to remove my image and likeness from the attention of people and return to being a voice like I was ordered to be…

Souls have the ability to curse, pull virtue, lusting over a picture of you, even performing sex magic on you by masturbating to your image! Remember when I alluded in my first post about Psychic Vampires?

Father had been warning me to “come out from among them” but because of my fear of losing what seemed like lifelines, I had disobeyed God again… Continued disobedience bring curses upon your soul! Repent quickly, because the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy you!

So here I am… doing what I was originally ordered to do for you, doing blogs. 

I’ll leave you with this: IF you love ME, you will do my commandments (my personal instructions to you)…

I must admit…

You know, alot of folks look up to me and respect me for my faith in Christ and my radical spirit. But I must admit, I have my weak moments.

For example: sometimes when I see other people “living life” and how they look like they are enjoying themselves in their instagram and Facebook pictures, I can’t help but be saddened in my spirit… I ask the Lord, “is it jealousy?” I mean, I am normally content with things but: 

●Why do I feel like a left out kid on punishment, sadly glaring out the window hearing all the other kids playing and having fun outside?! 

●Why do I feel like I’m being left out?! 

●I’ve been serving you for all these years of my young life when I could’ve been smoking, getting drunk and having all kinds of sex and hanging out with the gangstas?! 

●Why is it that these heathens get to enjoy their lives while we suffer with the devil having his foot in our anus day after day?! 

●When am I gonna get my wealth?! 

●I should’ve been the one smiling after all I’ve sacrificed but yet you have me putting my life on hold for some of the most ungrateful degenerates I’ve ever known?! 


I don’t want another scriptural bandaid or a 30 second lecture, I WANT MINE!!! I WANT YOUR WORD TO COME TO PASS IN MY LIFE!!!

I am reminded of Jesus going through with Israel and their ungratefulness. Nevertheless he suffered. It’s okay to be emotional during a trial! As long as you come back to earth and ground yourself once again. The Lord understands our flesh and how we all have our breaking points. It may sound so cliche but like the preachers always say “the battles get the most intense when your right around the corner from your breakthrough!”. 

So don’t stay in that emotional rut too long, or else the enemy will come whilst you are away from your post crying and fussing with God, and he will find your treasure unguarded and plunder you to high heavens!

I’ve come to realize that your blessings come in installements most of the time instead of the large lump sum that we always feel “entitled” to receive, but God is not fooled, he knows that we would blow the large lump sum on foolishness or spend all of it prematurely. He knows that we are greedy for gain and will spend it on our lusts! Lol! A wise parent would say “no, finish what you have on your plate first, then you can have more food!”

So hold fast brethren, God is sure to deliver! 

Also, if certain blessings are not coming to you, maybe they are not beneficial to you. Or maybe that prophet missed it and lied a lil! There are some things that we have, God actually didn’t intend on us having it but he “allowed” it by permission.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but we have to trust Jesus and hold the fort! It’s really your faith that the devil is after, if he can steal your faith in God’s Promises he has won over you in a major way! Encourage yourself with the word, psalms, and praise and worship! It’s always gonna be fight! But getting the victory is really what we need to focus on! The wilderness experience is not necessarily a season of isolation but actually a season of character development!

Cry out to Father for deliverance, he will surely come for you in due season! The trying of your faith worketh patience.

So when your time of blessing comes, all the battling and all of the waiting will be well worth the rewards!

Complete the Assignment…

The Lord is saying that you need to start finishing up and completing your Bible Assignments. Meaning the books that the Lord told you to read, the chapters he told you to focus on, or verses he told you meditate on, etc. You are behind in your grades because you refuse to read his word. Get to it! 2 Timothy 2:15.

Your journey and life…

You are on a journey! This is your life to live. No one else can live it for you, only you. 

This past Saturday, I was at my cousins place. As we parted our ways that day, I took the subway home. And whilst in the subway, there is always something going on in a New York City subway station! So anyway, I heard some music and drums playing so I figured that it must have been some Native American musicians playing their music. But as I walked by I realized that they were in orange robes and etc. So I decided to ignore them and go my way. 

As I was going up a hill to catch my next train in the subway station, a woman reached out to me and was trying to hand me some form of literature, but I thought that she must have been with apart of the group that was playing the music so I declined to take the literature from her hand. 

As I proceeded to go my way, another young man stopped me wearing an orange robe doing the same thing the lady was doing, but only this time he actually stepped in front of me! So we began to talk concerning spiritual matters, and how Jesus was all about love and how the church today was not fully meeting that type of love that Jesus was about. Long story short he offered me a book but told me that they don’t charge for the material they only asked for a donation. So I gave a donation and took a book from him. 

Now at this point, my religious mind was going haywire! Asking me all types of question such as “why did you pick up that demonic book? Why did you hug that man? What if you’re bringing demons into your house? You’ve got to be careful! God is not pleased!” But you know what, it is time that I begin to walk this walk for real! I know in my heart that I am a firm believer and follower of Jesus Christ, so what is there to fear?! Is the devil more powerful than Jesus?! 

As far as I’m concerned it is just literature! And anything the Holy Spirit doesn’t want me to ingest, he has no problem alerting me to that fact. But truthfully, in my heart, I know that I definitely will be blessed by reading the material that I got from that young man that day; in life they are no coincidences. 

This is your journey, if you have to keep things private from others then do so but enjoy your life! This is your life! This is your journey! Don’t leave this earth and wish that you would have done certain things but you didn’t do because your religious mind told you not to! Not on my watch! That won’t be my testimony!

You are You!

You aren’t me, I am not you. You could be “like” me, but you can’t “be” me. “You are such a cool person, I would love to emulate that!” But… are you aware of the battles that come up against me just to be “me”?

When people begin to classify you and name you, they limit you. When they have a name for you or what you are, you come out from behind eternity and become stuck to what they name you in a sense.

I have many problems and issues, some of which, my friends would be shocked to know that I am dealing with certain things. In this life people will have their different advices for you, “do this and that” but you have to ask yourself: this advice that this person gave me, is it like “me” to do such a thing? If it is NOT like you and it is going to cause more harm than good, then that advice deserves to be disregarded. People think they know you so much that they think “their” advice is perfect for you, not always the case!

You are You. Be who you are! If you are sensitive, remain sensitive. If you are assertive, remain the same. But all that the world asks of you is that do all you do, in and through the love of God. That way, because is it done or said in love, all parties involved are blessed and there is no mess is aisle #4 to come back to…

If you are not “clear” with a person, place or thing. If you have blown the doors off of the hinges and caused some severe damages, then you need to humble yourself and go back (not to necessarily restart a relationship) and make it right, get clear and move forward in a clear conscience. 

Remember, You are You. You’ll find that you will be a much happier You when you “embrace” You where you are at right now. If you have to ignore certain phone calls and Facebook for a season, by all means purge your soul from all these others souls having intercourse with yours. Purge yourself and go off the grid and come back a brand new being…



I know I’ve been gone for awhile, life has been brewing it’s storms…

I’ve been M.I.A on alot of my social media platforms, frankly, I’ve deleted all of my accounts and went into a seasons of darkness and hiding. Not just because of the attacks on my spiritual life and calling etc, but because of my nature to share “all” that I’ve learned with “everybody”, it’s just that I am so excited about this life in Christ!

Yet Jesus has been speaking to me and saying “everybody isn’t as caring as you, they don’t love pure like you, they don’t think pure like you, while you are thinking pure thoughts of them, they are there already forming what they will get out of you…”

So into the depth of darkness and the hidden I go. To emerge as an orb of divine Christos Light as I am summoned, then back into nothingness I will return. I am a assasin, a ninja. Getting the job done way before everybody realizes, the job is done and I’m already on to assignment #2…

On a brighter note, I’ve been encouraged by the Lord to write and speak as a “voice” and no longer an “image”. When the lust of a person locks onto your image, they will always invoke your spirit to come up before them to consult you, alot of times without your permission. You’ll start dreaming them, hearing their voice and whatever memory you have of them will come up, why? Your likeness has been recorded, your walk, your voice, the way you look…

Psychic Vampirism… Just a little of the reason why things will be as they will, for now… 

My sayings will be parabolic and cryptic at times but for that I make no apologies… This word will be for those who are “able” to receive the mystery of it all, but for the others, believe me for the sake of the miracles you have seen. But to those who are partakers of this same grace and mystery of the Kingdom, more grace be upon you!
I am Travis… #HoodieSeason